Commander’s Corner

From the Squadron 103 Commander –

It is truly a great privilege and an honor to greet you and bid you welcome on behalf of the current members of Squadron 103. It was truly a blessing for me when I was presented with the idea of an Alumni Association. It gives the opportunity for former members to link arms and assist in our mission to develop strong minded and well adjusted leaders of today’s youth.

Squadron 103 has been a safe haven and extended family for so many of us over the years that it is only fitting that we continue to try to provide that same support for others. Over the recent years, we have undergone several hardships and trials but in the spirit of determination and dedication that has always been the mantra of the pack, we continue to survive and overcome. With the support of you, our past, we can strengthen our present and look forward to a strong and bright future. Not for ourselves, but for all of the young people whose lives will be touched and enriched by their experiences in CAP and in Squadron 103.

On behalf of the current cadets and seniors of Squadron 103, I would like to applaud you for creating a bridge to our past so that we see and understand our true mission and purpose. As we begin to understand these, we can develop a clear vision for a bright and successful future.

Thank you,

CPT Curtis O. Graves

From the 103 Alumni President –

My fellow members,
It is my great honor to once again be tasked with a leadership role for Squadron 103. This is the 75th anniversary for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). I am sure many of you don’t follow the CAP on a regular basis unless you are an active Squadron member. I hope that in the future you will all contribute some of your talent to assist the young men and women of the unit.

Let me say something about a couple of things that are a serious part of the unit. I want to take time to thank Captain Curtis Graves for commanding our unit for such a long period of time. He started during a rough time and held 103 secure for many years. I have had the opportunity to work with many of the unit commanders since Lt Col. Bill Gibbons to this 3rd command held by Major Eugene Suplee, CAP. If you run into either man take the time to thank them for their commitment to the Squadron.

Now I want to take the opportunity to tell you that Eugene has been working with a group of cadets much like yourselves. Program emphasis is the same as before with a little bit more aviation than 103 is use to in the past. Orientation Flights both military and CAP, Orientation Flights in Gliders, Rocket building and launching, a recent trip to Alaska, California and New Jersey on KC-10 refueling missions.

Let me look with everyone at the future of the Alumni Association. We are using the website to post CAP information to help enhance their program. The unit is redeveloping with major support from a lot of folk’s. I wanted to reach out to you for support. We need members of the association to help in ways that can be supportive like Kairi Purnell and Broderick Jones that put our website up. If you are in marketing, Graphics, direct mail a car dealer etc. From time to time we will reach out for some trade assistance in order to get these fine young people to activities. This will make them the future leaders of, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Nation.

Very respectfully,

COL M. Allen Applebaum

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